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Common Reasons Why Addicts Refuse to Go to Addiction Rehab

Posted: February 21, 2015 by in Better Substance Abuse Recovery

It is hard to overcome drug addiction. It is never easy or simple. Understanding addiction might be the key to help a friend, or love one in your life. To beat his or her drug abuse problem, whether the person requires inpatient or outpatient addiction rehab, everyone should help the individual on his or her journey towards sobriety. Well, we should understand why addicts refuse to seek help or go to drug and alcohol recovery center and let’s empathize with people experiencing drug addiction.

Shame and Guilt

Individuals who are addicted to alcohol and drugs are often guilt-ridden and covered with marks of shame. These debilitating emotions flourish when an individual losses control of their lives. Embarrassment and remorse are common feelings for addicts: addiction causes further financial stress and other issues that wreck people emotionally.

As addicts, it’s not always easy to admit that there is a drug addiction problem. But it is not too late, if people have a friend or love one who struggles with drugs and alcohol issues, talk openly with them, empathize with them, and don’t be judgmental or nagging. Exercise restraint and speak to the troubled individual without harsh tones. This intervention may uncover various emotional problems that drove the loved one or friend to become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Fears of Withdrawals

Upon first entering addiction rehab, many addicts will experience substance withdrawals. When an addict stops using drugs, they experience a blend of symptoms such as: muscle aches, nausea, chills, vomiting, sweat, hallucinations, cramping, insomnia, etc. These symptoms can drive away any perspective rehab addict. The chronic drug user will avoid seeking help because he or she thinks that taking another hit of their favorite substance will make the withdrawal symptoms go away.


Addicts, who are intensely addicted to alcohol and drugs, usually live in self-denial about their drug problems. Denial is what causes an addict to discard responsibility and blame of his or her actions. They typically blame others for their imperfections. Denial is also the reason individuals refuse to honestly assess their problems.

Lacks of Support

There are many addicts who refuse rehab treatment because they lack the prerequisite support from their friends and family. Even if they are aware of the drug addiction, many family and friends ignore the problem. They only enable the addict to continue comfortably in his or her denial. The addict doesn’t see that there is a drug problem.

Severe Addiction

When a person becomes severely hooked on drugs, it is very difficult to get them off of the substance. They simply do not want to change unless they hit rock bottom. Those people who are severely addicted to drugs and alcohol often refuse help because they have formed a strong connection with their substances.

Knowing why many addicts refuse to enter addiction rehab treatment gives people around the addict more insight into the drug user’s mental condition. The more one understands how the addict thinks, the easier for you to communicate with individuals who are in self-denial and ashamed of their drug use.

Looking for the finest drug and alcohol recovery in Washington? Better Substance Abuse Recovery has compassionate and devoted clinical staff that will help you to overcome your fears in rehab. They will supervise you 24/7 to address you in your specific needs during the detoxification period. The addiction rehab also offers different addiction therapies and extended care support that will help you to achieve long-lasting drug and alcohol recovery and sobriety.

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